Round Oak School visits

Twelve pupils from SEN Round Oak School came to experience virtual reality on Banbury campus.

The children tried out the Destinations VR software that allowed them to visit a beach in Hawaii, a hangar bay from Star Wars and also the surface of Mars! Special provision had been made to start the VR from a seated position – to give a greater sense of safety to the initial experience. This slight modification of the VR experience had been proposed based on the observations of a pre-visit team who had come to try the VR a week earlier.

There was also time spent exploring the whole world using Google Earth VR. Flying over canyons and exploring major cities from the unique vantage points afforded by the immersive technology.

In the afternoon, the VR paint package Tilt Brush was introduced and the pupils had a wonderful time painting in mid-air. Many of them demonstrated a natural flair for the VR paint tool – exhibiting both precision and vision in the drawings they made.

The helpers who had come with the pupils couldn’t resist having a go themselves and were just as amazed and impressed as the pupils had been. The pupils had no real trouble getting to grips with the technology, and were able to use it to express their personalities in the new medium.


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